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Dark Shocking Pink Abalone Shell Adjustable  Bangle Cuff Bracelet with Silver Plated Metal
This  adjustable cuff has an 18 x 13 mm Dark Pink Abalone cabochon. Abalone is believed to be a strengthen the immune system and increase stamina. Abalone shell is known as Paua Shell in New Zealand and is particularly valued as a gift by the Maori people. The pink colouring is...
Pink Abalone Shell Stud Earrings
8mm Shocking Pink Abalone Shell stud earring.  These earrings have the beautiful abalone shell markings, accentuated with the pink lacquer layer of colour which is applied to the natural abalone shell. Abalone shell known as Paua shell in New Zealand.  It is Maori practice to give paua shells to each other another to bring good...
Globe Amethyst Necklace
Globe necklace showing the variety of colours within the cape amethyst stones.
Purple and white Cape Amethyst disc necklace
Each of these Cape Amethyst necklaces have beautiful distinctive markings.
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Amethyst purple necklace, pendant with silver plated snake chain
Purple Amethyst Lozenge Necklace, a discreet necklace ideally suited to wearing on a short 40.5 or 46cm chain or adjustable purple lace.
Black Agate Stud Earring
8mm Black Agate stud earring.  All earrings are silver plated and comply with EU nickel safe legislation.
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Amazonite Stud Earrings
8mm Amazonite cabochon stud earring.  This version of ammonite is a rich turquoise green in colour, often with cream/white markings. There is another version of Amazonite which is much paler in colour and available in our drop earring and necklace ranges. Amazonite is often called the "artist's stone", it is the stone...
Amazonite pale turquoise necklace with gentle wave like texture.
There are 2 varieties of Amazonite, this is the pale turquoise Chinese Amazonite. This stone's gentle wave like texture is particularly appealing. Each stone is slightly different in shape and subtle markings.
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 Amazonite turquoise silver plated bangle, bracelet, cuff, with 18 x 13mm amazonite cabochon
This elegant adjustable bangle has an 18 x 13 mm amazonite domed cabochon.Amazonite comes in 2 varieties, pale turquoise and a darker turquoise/green with cream markings.Known as the Artist’s stones. Amazonite is a calming, soothing stone, believed to calm the brain and nervous system, help the immune system and aid...
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