Brown Tiger's Eye

Adjustable Bangle with flattering wave shaped adjustable cuff and large Golden Brown Tiger's Eye Cabochon
An adjustable wave shaped bangle with a  large 18 x 13 mm brown Tiger Eye domed cabochon. A vibrant glowing stone which looks amazing with neutrals, earth tones and adds a touch of drama to black. Tiger's Eye is believed to be a protective stone which assists in the accomplishment of goals. It is a...
Brown Tiger's Eye Stud Earrings
Brown 8mm Tiger Eye stud earring.  Tiger's eye is an amazingly rich and Vibrant stone.  Found in a number of countries including Africa, it is said aid grounding/earthing and help eyesight.  There are three varieties of Tiger's Eye, the brown version seen here, Red Tiger's Eye and Blue Tiger's eye. All earrings...
Tiger's Eye Small Golden Brown Round Necklace
Tiger's Eye Small Golden Brown Round Necklace.  This rich natural gemstone has an earthy warmth which enhances natural colours as well as black and grey.
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Golden Brown Tiger's Eye Gemstone Necklace
Tiger's Eye Golden Brown Globe Gemstone Necklace.  Tiger's Eye is a rich glowing golden brown crystal which epitomises earthy beauty.  Whether on a stylish snake chain, or a more casual faux suede lace, this necklace looks great with black, white, grey or natural coloured fashions.
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